Tenderloin, Pork

Tenderloin, Pork

Pork Filet/Pork Tender
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What Is Pork Tenderloin, and Why Should You Cook It?

Pork tenderloin is a lean, boneless cut of meat that comes from the loin, which runs from the hip to the shoulder of the pig (it’s also the same place pork chops are from). You may also see this cut labeled as pork filet or pork tender.  As its name implies, this is the most tender cut of pork

A pig's natural environment is the forest where it is able to root around for its favorite foods such as roots, nuts, berries, grasses, leaves, and insects. Raising our pigs in the forest provides a high quality and flavorful meat product for our clients. 

We supplement their feed with Non-GMO feed. The benefits of forest raised pork are: 1) Superior flavor 2) Improved texture 3) Increased Omega-3 fats compared to commercially produced pork 4) Finally, the most important factor is that our hogs are raised in a NO stress environment, which directly impacts the quality of the meat.

Actual product may be slightly different than shown. Due to natural variations in our hogs, shape, size, and/or weight of individual cuts may vary. It is normal to see slight variations in color depending on both the type of product and the aging process.

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