Wagyu Beef, Pasture Raised Chicken,
& Forest Raised Pork

Ethically Raised Meat Delivered to Your Door

How It Works

1 Market

Get your free account ready and decide how you'd like to haul your finds: Direct to your porch, ready for pickup in Boston, or right from the farm where it all starts.

2 Butchery

Step into our world, where the care for our animals surpasses everything else, and our commitment to ethical farming practices shapes every cut of meat. Our online Butchery extends a warm invitation to you, offering a unique opportunity to connect with the real people behind your food and the stories of dedication that make our products truly special.

3 Indulge

Indulge in the superior health and flavor of our pasture-raised meats, sourced directly from our small farm. Far exceeding grocery store options, no matter their labels, our direct delivery offers a connection to your food's origin. Pickup options are available for those wishing to experience our farm's offerings firsthand.

Beyond our exceptional pasture-raised offerings, our farm is the perfect venue for group retreats, marrying upscale, cozy lodgings with the tangible essence of farm life. "Every Stay Is A Memory In The Making" — a testament to the memorable moments and close connections formed against a backdrop of nature's simplicity and the warmth of our hospitality.