Hartland Hill Farm
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Hartland Hill Farm is focused on using sustainable farming practices. This practice allows our chickens, pigs and cows to live a life as they typically would in nature. Our farm animals have access to the outdoors which allows them to wallow in the mud, graze on luscious pastures and scratch for bugs. Research shows that stress among livestock affects the quality of meat as regards tenderness, perishability and colour. This is why we at Hartland Hill Farm are focused on the daily comfort of our farm animals.

Pastured Raised Chickens

Hartland Hill Farm only raises a few hundred chickens at a time. This is compared to your average commercial chicken farm that raises 160,000 chickens all at once never seeing the light of day. We at Hartland Hill Farm raise chickens straight on pasture grass. This means fresh air, bugs and sunshine. These chickens also receive daily fresh cold water and NON-GMO grain to supplement their diet. Sustainable practices are used by moving chickens every day allowing maximum benefit to pastures that in return benefit other grazing livestock. Without a doubt our chickens will be the best tasting chickens you will ever have.

Berkshire Pigs

This heritage breed dates back to the 1600’s originating from Berkshire county of the United Kingdom. The Berkshire Pig is prized for juiciness, tenderness and flavor which is heavily marbled with fat. The dominant fat in pork is monounsaturated fat which is the exact same fat found in avocado and olive oil. Hartland Hill Farm raises its’ pigs on pasture/forest which allows them to forage, root and wallow. This process goes hand in hand with our sustainability practices that not only allows the pigs to live as they are meant to but also a beneficial impact on the land by cultivation and fertilization to restore overgrown areas.

Full-Blood Wagyu Beef Herd

The cornerstone of Hartland Hill Farm is our Full-Blood Wagyu Beef Herd. The very first Full-Blood Wagyu cows first made their appearance in the United States in 1972. With 4 bulls arriving from Japan, the goal being to elevate the meat grade of Angus cow by breeding them to Wagyu cows.. In 1997, after only 200 Wagyu being imported to United States, Japan declared the Wagyu Beef cow a national treasure and placed a ban on exports of genetics and live animals. Characteristically, Wagyu beef is highly marbled. This means that the muscle is finely interspersed with fat that is an ‘intra-muscular’ deposit of energy. This marbling has been found to contain monounsaturated fats, and research has shown that these fats can assist in reducing cholesterol levels in the body. With a combination of sustainable practices such as rotational grazing and tons of love shown by lots of ear scratching and bottle-feeding calves our Wagyu have a peaceful environment to thrive in. These practices have a direct impact on the quality of beef that you purchase from Hartland Hill Farm.

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