6-8 Tenders Per Package
$14.85 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

Ethically raised at our farm in Vermont, we raise our Chickens naturally, on pasture with unlimited access to bugs and grass!! There are no added hormones or steroids for growth enhancement and no unnecessary Antibiotics or GMOs.  

So What Exactly Are Chicken Tenders?

Chicken tenders or chicken tenderloins are actually parts of a chicken. They are the little strips of meat that are tenuously attached to the underside of each breast (and thus sometimes called “hanging tenders”), so every chicken has two tenders.

Pastured Raised v. Conventional Raised:

Contain 3X more Omega 3's & NADH

50% more Vitamins A & E

21% less saturated fat

50% higher creatine - popular supplement for muscle recovery

Every single chicken is rotated to a fresh pasture daily

Chicken Breast v. Chicken Tenders: Is There a Difference?

Actual product may be slightly different than shown. Due to natural variations in our chicken, shape, size, and/or weight of individual cuts may vary. It is normal to see slight variations in color depending on both the type of product and the aging process.